Sunday, September 25, 2011

T.D.D. ~ Practice and the West

Tricycle Daily Dharma September 25, 2011

Practice and the West

There’s no one who gets into dharma who doesn’t think, “Shouldn’t I be a monk or a nun?” We all go through a stage saying, “I want to be Milarepa, or the female equivalent of Milarepa. I should be in a cave. I should get out and do this heavy work. And the only place I can really do it is by myself in a cave,” whatever that cave is. But more and more I realize that it’s important for us Westerners to do it within life, within activity, because we have a lot to do here. We’re very young at this, at practice, and we have to do the physical, actual thing of transforming our culture and our society.
– Richard Gere, "Everything's About the Heart"

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