Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DAILY BUDDHIST WISDOM ~ Chien-ju (an interesting point of view on dealing with birth and death)

Daily Buddhist Wisdom
If you really want to deal with birth and death, just avoid drifting off under any circumstances, whether you are dressing or eating, attending the calls of nature, walking, standing, sitting, or lying down. Be like someone who sees a ferocious tiger, totally engrossed in getting away and escaping with his life. Or be like someone on a battle front, who only wants to kill the leader of a rebellion only when he has taken the leaders head can he rest. Why bother with grasping and rejection, purity and defilement, profane and sacred, right and wrong, and so on? Otherwise, its all a waste of effort-when will peace ever be attained? If you work in this way, it has some relevance to birth and death; otherwise, its all contrivance, without benefit on the way. A former teacher said, Dont get stuck in small successes, you must reach the state of the ancients before you attain freedom in life and death. Otherwise it is all something on the shore of birth and death; theres really no end in sight.
- Chien-ju

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